The Dream

So this idea is more or less based off a dream that I had last night, but the idea of it all was too great and also too badass for me to pass on it.

The main idea of this all was an apocalypse, zombies, mutant creatures and extreme adventures. Twists and turns when new people show up, and the struggle to feed and keep weapons stocked is very high. So like any normal circumstance the chance of finding new colonies is high, and they all face traveling to the other side of the country to find new opportunities. Then I woke up before a lot of interesting things could have happened, but when dreams give you a story line, you must take it!

And I am almost sure that this whole idea is based from the hit AMC show The Walking Dead and the Naughty Dog game The Last of us, and I must give credit to where it is do so thank you to the creators of both!